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What Is Personal Finance?

Is it day to day management of your money or something more?

Personal finance is the management of one’s finances to cater to your immediate needs and provide for your future needs. It is an answer to important questions, the impact of which has far reaching consequences in the future.

It is an answer to key questions like -

  • How much to spend?

  • How much to invest?

  • Where to spend?

  • Where to invest?

  • How much risk should you take?

  • Are you doing the right things to meet your financial goals?

Personal finance has nothing to do with anything outside your own finances. It has got nothing to do with the economy or your friends. It has got everything to do with how you save, invest, earn, spend, allocate and insure.

In personal finance and in life, I believe that you must align your present self with your future self. If you aspire to be wealthy in the future, you must align your actions today to ensure that you do end up wealthy.

It cannot be reiterated enough that planning your finances is not just a one-time procedure which will then take care of itself. You need to constantly assess your finances and modify the plan based on the circumstances. It’s about not being rigid. It’s about being mindful.

Source: contrarian Living


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