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UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2019

Insight and a way forward 2020:

Candidate Details

1. Name


2. Age


3. Marital Status


4. Total attempts in CSE (including this one)

3 ( 2017,2018, 2019) 3 mains & 1 PT

5. Optional Subject

Tamil Literature

6. Schooling Medium


7. College Medium

SSN College Of Engineering, Chennai

8. Medium chosen for Mains answers


9. Medium chosen for Interview


10. Home town/city


11. Work-experience if any


12.Service preferences (Top-5)


13. Preference for the first states in top-3 zonal cadres.

Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala

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Date: 20/03/2020 Forenoon Session.

Who was the chairman of you interview board?

Sathyavathi Ma'am

How long was the interview?



Showed my photo and asked is this you?

Read out the DAF aloud

1.Why civil services inspite of engineering?

2.Who is your inspiration?

3.Local self government -which constitutional amendment?

How is working of local self government in TN?

4.What are the functions of Local self government?

5.Who is in charge when elected representatives of local self government is not present?

6.What about proxies in Local self government? the finances are devolved to LSG?

7.Are state finance Commissions formed properly?

8.Do you write short stories?

9.Why are you not interested in sports?

10.what do you do to keep yourself fit?

11.Do you think it is necessary to be fit?


1.What was your role in your college symposium?

1.what is reverse osmosis?explain the process? desalination is done?

3.SEBI and it's objectives?

4.what is RTI?

5.How it is misused?

6.What is BRI?

7.who is a whistleblower?

8.what is our relationship with Malaysia lately?

9.Do you know about Kandi in Sri Lanka?


1.Was economy in a good or bad shape before Corona?

2.what should government do?

3.How to increase consumption?

4.Does spending on infrastructure really helps?

5.why there is no powers to local self government?

6.Are bureaucrats reason for non devolution of power?

7.what should LSG do to improve rural development?

8.Role of local self government in women empowerment?


1.what is covid-19? Explain about it to me?

2.How can computers be used to control Corona virus?

3.Is social media being misused?


1.what is paradigm?

2.why our relationship with Malaysia was affected?

3.which other country was critical about Kashmir?

4.Why were they critical?

5.Which organisation works for the welfare of Muslim countries?

6.Is India member of OIC?

7.Recent OIC meeting and it's importance to India?

8.what relation we have with UAE?

9.who are the largest trading partners of India?

10.What is ASEAN?

11.How many members are there in ASEAN?

12.How is India's relationship with ASEAN?

13.What is our trade relationship with Russia?

14.are we supplying missiles to Vietnam?

15.Why South China Sea is important?

16.Why do we need to counter Chinese influence?

17.What is our relationship with Russia?

18.What is BRICS?

19.what do you know about NAM?

21.Another Organisation where India is a member?

22.How do to know about the Chennai to Vladivostok sea route?


Thank you Nandhini, You May leave now.

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